Hearing Aid Prices in Sun City and Sun City West

By Ear To Hear

As most people looking to purchase hearing aids in the Sun City area have found, the cost of hearing aids can be very high. In addition, the price can vary dramatically between local hearing care centers. This process is made even more difficult by the fact that most hearing care centers will not tell you their pricing until after you have sat through a presentation and/or hearing test. That is why we are proud to show off our hearing aid prices. You can find our price list here. For the purpose of clarity and to help those searching for prices, we will discuss typical hearing device costs in the West Valley. For more information about hearing aid costs, you can reference the hearing aid pricing study by Hearing Tracker

Another problem [with hearing aid pricing] is lack of transparency, including transparency of the cost of production of hearing aids compared to the cost to distributors.

-Dan Blazer, Duke University, speaking to AARP

Typical Hearing Aid Prices by Models (per pair)

As you can see, most high-end hearing aid models cost between $5500 – $7500 per pair. Mid-range hearing aids are typically $4000 – $5500, depending on brand and specific model. Lower end technology can be priced anywhere from $2000 per pair to $4000 per pair. 

Our Hearing Aid Price List for Ear To Hear in Sun City West (per pair)

Prices for Mid-range and lower-tiered models (per pair).

These are our most popular models and this list does not represent all of the hearing devices we can fit or service. Please contact the local Sun City West office for more information. 

Other Helpful Hearing Information