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Naida Paradise Hearing Aids: Overview

The Phonak Naida Paradise is a solution for people with severe-profound hearing loss to receive the power, sound quality, rechargeability and wireless connectivity they deserve.  The Naida Paradise features a double receiver that is very powerful. It delivers up to 141db of peak gain in the UP model and 130 db in the rechargeable model P-PR. The Phonak Naida is powered by the new PRISM processing chip. The Naida Paradise eliminates the barriers of rechargeability and connectivity that prior BTE’s had.

Autosense OS 4.0: Operating System by Phonak

The new operating system for the Phonak Naida Paradise is called AutoSense OS™ 4.0. This operating system can determine the type of environments that the hearing aid wearer is in, and automatically select from a number of programs for the best sound in that environment. AutoSense OS uses Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ in all five models. This means an even better listening experience with better speech understanding in noisy environments while wearing the Phonak Paradises, all while relying on less effort from the listener.

With Binaural VoiceStream, sound is streamed in real time to both hearing aids even in noisy environments like a crowded restaurant or outside on a windy day. VoiceStream is especially helpful for everyday use when taking phone calls because there is no longer an audio delay in the conversation. AutoSense OS provides exceptional sound quality from the very first fitting.

Bluetooth Technology by Phonak

Phonak Nadia Paradise hearing aids can connect to a wide range of wireless devices with a Bluetooth connection including iPhone and Android devices. Wearers can connect to smartphones and tablets for direct listening into their hearing aids, allowing for hands free phone calls, as well as audio streaming of music, podcasts and audiobooks. In addition, wearers can use the Phonak TV Connector, a quick and easy to use solution to connect their hearing aids to their TV to enjoy watching movies and TV programs. The Nadia Paradise boasts a stereo sound quality to their hearing aids, likening them to a high quality pair of headphones but better because Paradise hearing aids can distinguish between streamed speech and music signals, and then automatically adjust acoustics for optimized sound quality while streaming.

Phonak’s new digital service platform called the myPhonak App allows hearing aid wearers to connect directly with their audiologist for real time sound adjustments to their hearing aids without having to drive to their audiologist’s office. In addition to customizations, wearers can connect with the same level of support through video calls in the app. These are more ways Phonak Paradise offers a personalized hearing experience in real time to their customers.

When trying to take a phone call in a noisy environment, the Phonak myCall-to-Text App allows hearing aid wearers the ability to both hear the phone call in their hearing aids, and at the same time read what the other person on the line is saying in a text.

The Phonak Remote App provides customizations for the wearer with the ability to change the volume and the program of your hearing aid.

Tap Control

With Phonak Tap control you no longer have to worry about if you pushed the right button. Simply double tab the top of your ear to activate voice assistants, answer phone calls, pause/resume any media you are listening to. Not only does this give the hearing aid wearer a ease of use and comfort, it makes wearing a hearing aid less discrete.  

Wireless Microphone Option: RogerDirect

In group conversations such as work meeting and social gatherings it is sometimes necessary to get a boost for your hearing. This is where the RogerDirect technology helps with improved understanding of speech with wireless microphones. Phonak offers compatible devices that include the Roger Pen, the Roger Table Mic and much more.

Rechargeability Options by Phonak

Phonak Naida is now rechargeable in the P-PR model. The Naida P-PR is for mild to severe loss. So it is not the more powerful of the two Naida models. But the P-PR does come with Tap Control and Motion Sensor hearing.


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